WHY A CHARTER SCHOOL? Panel Discussion Recording

Welcome to the “Why A Charter School?” panel discussion presented by Kids First Beloit and The Lincoln Academy.  Our guest panelists include:

  • Kaleem Caire, Founder & CEO of One City Schools, in Madison, WI
  • Maurice Thomas, Founder & CEO of Milwaukee Excellence Charter School, in Milwaukee, WI
  • Dynae Saba, Parent Representative, One City Schools
  • Melissa Johnson, Parent Representative, Milwaukee Excellence Charter School
  • Alyssa Wilson, Parent Representative, Milwaukee Excellence Charter School; and
  • Kristi Cole, CEO of The Lincoln Academy, in Beloit, WI

We hope today’s discussion will provide insight into different perspectives on charter schools, including the advantages of and opportunities available in a charter school, the unique role a charter school can play in meeting a student’s needs, and things to consider in thinking about whether a charter school may be a good option for your child.

The first hour of our discussion will focus on moderated questions to our panel members. During the remaining 30 minutes, we will provide opportunities for panelists to respond to audience questions submitted either ahead of the session or during the session through the Zoom Q&A function.

To view “Why A Charter School?” please follow this link: